Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

The mirror is the ultimate wall accessory, both functional and classic. Not only does it reflect the room and light, but given the right framing and shapes, it can also reflect your personal design tastes. Here are ten mirrors that truly are the fairest of them all…


Not on the High Street & Front Gate

These two mirrors both reflect the vintage antique taste in their gorgeous silver framing! Their large size and glamorous vintage detailing make these mirrors luxurious decor.


Hative & Indeed Decor

Elongated mirrors are wonderful in foyer spaces! They are just long enough for a touch of elegance without being a full-length mirror, not to mention you can peek at your outfit on the way out!


West elm & Ballard designs

These decorative mirror pieces make for great wall accessories, ornamenting the walls like jewelry! Small mirrors can make great decor, and these golden mirror trios do not disappoint.

Decorative Country Living & Country Living

Decorative Country Living & Country Living

A more unique twist to a typical mirror are these mirrors that play on window pane designs. They can range from rustic to modern, and they elevate the simplicity of a mirror into a interesting and eye-catching accessory.


Restoration Hardware

These mirrors are, in one word, incredible. They are so large and ornate they offer a regal aesthetic; Restoration Hardware certainly knows how to deliver timeless pieces that offer that wow-factor.

In all shapes and sizes mirrors are amazing decor for any room in any home. They create the illusion of a more spacious room and draw guests in to look closer. The perfect harmony of functionality and decoration, these ten mirrors would be a welcome addition to any home!

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